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Why bother with multiple office suppliers?

Lets face it, ordering office supplies is one of those jobs that nobody wants to do. With the sheer number of suppliers, it can take far longer than necessary to find the items you need every month.

There’s also the issue of cost. Using multiple suppliers means higher delivery costs, distributed admin fees and the knock on cost effects of an inefficient supply chain.

So why make it harder for yourself?

We provide a one stop solution for all of your office supplies. Our range of high quality office supplies is constantly monitored for quality and value for money, meaning you won’t have to shop around every time you need to restock your stationary cupboard. And if you think you can get it cheaper elsewhere, let us know and we’ll aim to price match it.




Manage all of your office supplies online, at a time to suit you. It’s quicker, easier and smarter with our Professional Web Portal.

• Available 24 hours a day
• Secure and robust
• Password protected for multiple users
• Products, services and prices pre-agreed
• Real-time order history