Corporate Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility

Thomas Stoner Supplies are fully committed to our Corporate Social Responsibilities and have comprehensive policies in place.

Our main purpose is to enhance performance, by promoting well-being in our customers’ environment, and to support long-term employment by improving employability.

We are committed to constantly improving customer service, enriching our expertise, strengthening our operational efficiency through innovation, empowering our many talents through skills development and training and driving local economic development in areas where we operate.

As a business we believe in the ever-progressive institution of social responsibility, and as a business have always tried to continually improve and strive for best social and economic practices. As an organisation, we understand our social responsibilities within our local and wider area and make every effort to utilise local businesses where possible and various schemes such as the bike to work scheme that our staff continue to take advantage of. We have set ourselves targets for 2021 and beyond which will further define our company as a thoughtful and responsible establishment; striving to achieve in every area.

Please see our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and Equal Opportunities Policy below.