TSS Mission Statement


Mission Statement

Our mission as a company is to fulfil and exceed the expectations of our customers, listening to individual requirements and striving to offer the best value, choice and service in the industry.

Our team is our family, which is why we place such an emphasis on having a positive company culture. All our staff have a direct influence on ensuring we foster an environment that produces positivity.

We believe that loyalty is only achieved through dealing openly and honestly with our customers. We therefore aim to conduct all business relationships with integrity and courtesy at all times.


Core Values

Thomas Stoner Supplies was founded upon our core values. Our values are integral to how we operate as a business, with a focus on developing exceptional customer service, treating our colleagues and customers with respect and integrity and creating a culture that promotes a customer care mindset at all times.

As a company, we look to save our customers money and create a friendly work environment that encourages teamwork, respect and responsibility for the communities in which we operate.



TSS are committed to achieving excellent customer satisfaction using quality procedures which will be operated to meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 9001. Our model of customer service focuses on understanding the needs and requirements of our clients and translating them into operational practice, creating a customer focused culture, providing access to information and demonstrating accountability and responsibility, providing excellent, reliable and response service outcomes.



As a company, Thomas Stoner Supplies commit to honesty, openness and fairness. We aspire to being honest and open when communicating with our customers. We are committed to our values and protect our company culture by committing to integrity in all things as an organisation. Our values and morals are reflected in our daily interactions with our customers, both in the way we communicate internally to work colleagues and externally when we interact with external organisations and individuals.



As a company we remain committed to providing the highest quality service to our customers. Our quality assurance process (ISO 9001 accredited) has been designed to provide high levels of quality products, continuous service improvement and backed by quality service at all levels of the business, from procurement processes to handling and storage, through to the final distribution of the product to our customers.

We also remain committed to providing products and services that deliver consistently excellent customer results, ensuring customer satisfaction, growth opportunities, profitability and going above and beyond to deliver quality outcomes across all elements of the business.



We are committed to constantly improving customer service, enriching our expertise, strengthening our operational efficiency through innovation, empowering our many talents through skills development and training and driving local economic development in areas where we operate.